The Project

The commune of Lo Barnechea has a surface of 104,439 hectares, around 96% of it is mountains and a large part of it is protected due to its classification as a Nature Sanctuary (50,000 ha) and has an environmental preservation zone in cota mil.

As a result, the local government of Lo Barnechea is implementing a series of actions targeting the recognition of this territory based on a planned territorial organization and also for the transformation of the commune into a model when it comes to mountains for the region and the country.

One of this actions is the “Yerba Loca Project”, whose goal is to make of this place an example of outdoor management at a national level, open to the community throughout the year, with a particular focus on environmental preservation, the rescue of mountain culture, environmental education, the development of sustainable tourism and the promotion of responsible outdoor sports.

Furthermore, Anglo American is a Company that operates the Los Bronces mine in the mountainous zone of Lo Barnechea, a place where mining works have taken place since 1867 when the first adventurers were looking for minerals by observing the water in the streams that went down the mountains and by exploring the basins in a traditional manner. This is the story that has marked the development of the commune since its origins.

Anglo American has a strong environmental commitment that gives way to a program of cooperative actions, among them, the “Yerba Loca Project”, that aims to inject and restore community and ecological value within the territory where it is located and also to make a concrete contribution towards boosting sustainable development that fosters local entrepreneurship and adds value to the heritage and the culture of the Andes zone.

Outlife, from its experience as a professional developer of Green areas designed the project and managed the financing in cooperation with Anglo American, and it is the facilitator responsible for bringing to life the vision of the company, the local government, and that of Prodeportes in Yerba Loca by meeting the set goals each year.