Pedestrian Emergency Evacuation Villa Paulina

Condición climática actual

Map: Evacuation routes and safe zones in Villa Paulina

During an emergency such as earthquakes, rivers flow changes, or forest fires, please keep safe and take note of the following information:

Safe zones: Villa Paulina has two designated safe zones for emergencies. It ́s essential to identify the safe zones in advance. Knowing their location ensures a quicker reponse during and emergency. Refer to the General Evacuation Map for clear guidance and familiarize yourself with their location once you get to Villa Paulina.

Evacuation Routes: Information about evacuation routes is available in “Los Corrales”, “Centro del Visitante”, “Refugio Von Kiesling” and “El Bosque”. Study this evacuation routes and be prepared to follow them in case of an emergency. Emergency supplies: During your stay, keep at hand at all times or in your backpack: warm clothing, a headlamp, a first aid kit and an emergency food supply.

Collaboration: Your collaboration is crutial in helping fellow visitors be aware of an ocurring emergency and remain calm during the emergency procedures.

Emergency contact numbers
Public Safety 1405, Fire Department 132, Forest Service (CONAF) 130
Park Rangers +569 95002019