Pedestrian Evacuation Route Visitor’s Center

Condición climática actual

Map: South Zone

In the event of an emergency, such as earthquake, landslide, sudden rise of water levels or fire, your safety is our priority. Please follow these instructions carefully:

1. Alert Signal: When an emergency occurs, you will be notified by a siren or a park ranger ́s direct order to proceed to the safe zone.

2. Remain calm: Stay calm and composed. Panic can be avoided by following the evacuation procedures calmly.

3. Directional guidance: Walk towards the safe zone following the path marked with green beacons. These beacons are strategically placed to guide you safely.

4. Vehicle Evacuation: Vehicle evacuation will only commence once the safety of the access road to the park is confirmed. Walk unless otherwise instructed by park rangers.

5. Collaboration: Collaborate with others during the evacuation. Alert fellow campers and hikers about the emergency, ensuring everyone is aware and moving towards the south safe zone.

6. Safe Zone: Once at the safe zone, remain there until further instructiones are provided by park rangers or emergency authorities. This is crucial for everyone ́s safety. We recommend that you keep in your backpack at all times, warm clothing, a first aid kit, a headlamp, water and a snack

Emergency contact numbers

Public safety 1405, Fire department 132, Forest Service (CONAF) 130 , Park Rangers 95002019